First Round Over

First Round Over

A week ago, today I was discharged from the hospital after spending two weeks on the oncology floor.  The moment they said I could go home, Craig and I looked at each other and headed to Ottawa. I literally walked out of the hospital, grabbed my essentials from our apartment, and flew to Ottawa Superbowl Sunday with my mother-n-law.

As I left the hospital, I never experienced this kind of freedom.  As I walked to my mom’s car, I felt the winter air and it rejuvenated me to having my life back.  I immediately recorded the highway on snapchat to all my friends.   In my head, I was thinking wow I’m free, and I wanted everyone to know.

Looking back, jumping on a plane four hours after being released from the hospital is a little crazy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. As the plane landed, I had tears of joy to be back home, away from doctors, needles, chemo, etc.  It was emotional wheeling out of the airport, but nothing beats being home and being in your own bed.  Now, I truly understand Teammates for Kids Foundation, building areas for kids, that is just pure fun!

The past week, I spent the last week resting and eating.  I also had iv’s of hydration for three days to keep pushing fluids and continuing my strength.

Since my treatment required 33 radiations and 3 chemotherapies together, it put a toll on me.  First, when you radiate your neck, it creates mucus, sores, etc in your throat.  This enables you to not eat solid foods reducing weight, and then chemo induces vomiting.  It was a vicious cycle to get through.  Sometimes I thought I could eat, my stomach would say NO! I felt like my mind was saying yes, and my body was saying no.  It definitely was frustrating time for me.  It was imperative at that point, I stayed on IV’s and medications intravenously to get through the dehydration and pain. Mental focus is key during this journey.  You have to find a way to push through tough times.

I am so happy that this week has been a turning point.  I am able to eat creating more energy for me.  The thought did cross my mind to go to Saturday’s game for a period, but I knew it was best to watch snuggled up in my bed.  I know there will be more games for me one day once I beat this.

As Craig and I watch each other, we definitely push each other.  He shows me how to battle and helps me mentally get through tough obstacles.  When I would struggle mentally, he would tell me, “Nicholle tell yourself you can do it. Change your mindset.”  And as for hockey now, I tell him, “If I can do it, you can do it.”  I think we make a good team.




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  1. So glad you’re gaining strength and made it through rough round one like a BOSS! Keep it up my friend. You will beat this!!

  2. You are a HERO!
    The Anderson’s make a GREAT team!
    Embody “The Little Engine that Could”!
    Sending love and strength!
    XOX – Jenn
    Oh yeah! Craig rocked it yesterday! Another win for you!

    1. Thanks Jenn. Three more chemo treatments. Bring it! I am so ready. Craig and the team winning are just a plus! Positive thinking and playoff bound! 🙂

  3. Victory! You never know how tough you are until you are faced with something like this. So glad the worst is behind you. Enjoy the fresh air!

  4. Nicholle congratulations on overcoming this awful disease. I just wanted to let you know that my father had it and he was a true warrior and Champion as well. Take care of yourself and live life to the fullest!!! Welcome to the club CANCER SURVIVOR

  5. You are amazing! Sending lots of prayers and love your way. You do make a GREAT team! Every day is a gift. Thanks for sharing your strength.

  6. You are such a trooper! Once you get past this there is nothing in life that you won’t be able to overcome. You will come out of this stronger than ever. I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through some very tough times but it’s all part of the journey to becoming well again. You are young, strong and an inspiration to all. You and Craig are a great team! You support him and he supports you. You guys are lucky to have each other and your children are blessed to have the two of you as their parents. I will continue to send positive thoughts and prayers your way.

    1. I am so happy for you Nicholle! Stay strong and focused. You have Craig and your boys right there beside you … as well as your “adopted” family of Ottawa! Hugs!

  7. This is a valuable service you are providing. Not only are you educating people , but you are offering motivation for overcoming obstacles. This is your purpose in life , disguised as a frightening disease. Kudos to you for recognizing it and embracing it . Best wishes to you Nicholle. You have my deep respect.

  8. Craig was the first star on Saturday, but you are right up there with him. Your courage and strength and unselfishness have been in display this entire time. What an amazing woman.

  9. Nicholle you are a huge inspiration to all that are going through what you are going through. My sister-in-law had cancer & is now Tumor free. Can’t wait to see you with your husband in a picture ringing that bell ! Champion family all around ! You will beat this & have a great story to tell !

  10. Nicholle, I love everything about this post! You two make a great team. That’s what marriage is all about. I’m so glad you found each other. I know it has been a tough road, you are so strong. Keep pushing forward. Sending love hugs and many blessings.??

  11. So happy you are back home and round one is done! Thank you for sharing your Journey and fight to kick the horrible disease in the A$$! Please know that so many of us have you all in our thoughts and prayers. You and Craig are warriors with a capital W! Congratulations on Craig’s first game back ? Take THAT cancer! Ya won’t break this Amazing Strong Couple! ?? Sending positive thoughts, love and tons of Hugs! ✨❤️?✨

  12. You are truly an inspiration! Your strength & bravery are commendable! You are fighting and showing us all how to be grateful for everyday!!!! Thinking of you and sending positive vibes to you and your beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your struggles and positive days! Stay strong, Warrior strong????

  13. Thank you for sharing this with us. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to go through this. You have shown all of us how strong you are and ready to take this disease and crush it!!! I’m so blessed to know you and so happy to see that you continue to stay strong. Stay positive and beautiful my friend!

  14. It was designed in pairs for a reason nik and I am so glad u r leaning into your strong guy!!! I will send moni back with a care pkg for you – and I continue to pray – recovery is first, but also for a strengthening of your marriage, the bond with each of your lil treasures and that you can be a beacon to the entire world that is tuned in and watching !!! Shine on dear girl – your brightness and radiance are inspiring many!!! Debb ?

  15. Nicholle, I’m so glad this phase is over for you. You are so brave, tough, and determined. Hang in there Honey. You have so many friends and family behind you who love you like crazy! Stay strong, love you.??❤

  16. My families thoughts and prayers are with you, Craig and your family, you are an incredibly strong person and thank you for sharing your journey. You are an inspiration to all and we are right there with you and although Craig is my hockey hero, I wear my Sen’s gear proudly pulling for my life hero!!!

    Sorry Craig she is tougher

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