Light at the End of Tunnel

Monday – January 16, 2017

Last week, they had to postpone my chemo due to my white blood cells being low.  I was a little bummed because I just wanted things to be checked off my list.  I really don’t look forward to chemo days. Today, we went to the infusion center, and I RECEIVED MY LAST CHEMO today.  HOORAY!  A chemo day takes approximately 9 hours plus attending radiation.  Craig and I have been up since 7 a.m. and still at the infusion at 8 p.m. LONG DAY! FULL-TIME JOB!

In addition, my last radiation will be Thursday, January 19, 2017. Since we have three days left, Craig and I refer to the guys’ hockey jersey numbers.  We have Marc Methot left.

P.S.  I have been singing, “I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home.”  I’m so excited to go back to Canada and have a little normalcy.


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  1. I am a nine year cancer survivor. I understand everything you are going through. I found out I had cancer on my 40th birthday.
    it is a relief to her things are progressing for you.

    Bless you and your family.

  2. Continuing to exude remarkable positive vibes and humour after a difficult day is fantastic. Pulling for you keep smiling and sending positive energy to you, Craig and your loved ones. ? Thoughts and prayers you got this.

  3. Having my mom go through her chemo and radiation, I pray for a full recovery. Go kick cancers ass girl!

    Your attitude is perfect! And having an incredible man who puts his life on hold to be there for you, is your rock, shows the shitty disease whos boss.

    Hope to see you soon in the big screen smiling knowing you are well.

    1. I’m so Happy For you, you’ve proven to everyone how strong and determined in this fight and I couldn’t be more proud of you, I miss your smile that enlightens the room when I see you. ❤️❤️

  4. I’m thinking of you and hope you have a speedy and successful fight. It seems you’re on top of this early and that will help immensely. If I may offer some tips, you might find ginger to be very helpful to reduce the side effects of chemo – specifically ginger force from new chapter which you can get at Kardish. If you have trouble with diet I recommend a high protein / high calorie / low sugar powder from a store such as GNC. A dietician may recommend products such as Boost and Ensure – but they are full of sugar which is the last thing you should give your body when you’re fighting cancer. If you have any pain in the face then you could try acupuncture treatments – I recommend the Ottawa Integrative Cancer centre. They have a traditional acupuncturist who will will work hard with an approach tailored for you. One of the head doctors there is Dr. Seely who is a naturopath and is not only very good at what he does but he is also supported by oncologists at the Ottawa Cancer Centre. A tens unit may also reduce any localized pain if you have any.

    I’ll follow your fund raising efforts and will try to help if I can. Last year I successfully got involved with the Ottawa Hospital Foundation to raise money for Cancer research here in Ottawa and would be happy to also help your foundation if possible.

    You will beat this into remission with a positive attitude. Best of luck and best regards,

  5. So happy for your progress! Stay strong and keep it up with the positive attitude! Keep it up, keep it up, keep that super spirit up, keep it up ??

  6. You are incredibly strong and so blessed to have a wonderful husband by your side! Almost there, sending love, hugs and as always, prayers.??❌⭕

  7. Your positive attitude and energy is an inspiration. Cancer causes us to dig deep and find strength and unexpected growth. Welcome back to Ottawa.

    God bless you and your family! ?

  8. So happy for you and your family! What long hard days, even if they get you closer to home. Crossing fingers and toes and praying.

  9. So good to hear you are headed home. Hopes and prayers to you and family for healthy and happy days ahead. Take care.

  10. Hi this is Anthony I’m sorry you had to miss your chemo last week. I have nasopharyngeal cancer was treated at Sloan and also am currently still in the clinical trial . I had 33 radiation & 6 rounds of chemo . When I was diagnosed they said I was stage 3 going into stage 4 . This was all in 2015 , so stay strong . When I was going for my treatments the doctors were hoping I would talk with another patient they couldn’t tell me who he was because of Hippa . I found him on my own and he later called me to thank me for helping get him through his treatments. I recently joined SPOHNC to become a mentor to patients who are going through a head or neck cancer . Our cancer is rare but when I was diagnosed the doctor had told me he diagnosed 3 other people with the same cancer. I was a mess when I first found out , I was 46 father of 3 great boys who are huge hockey fans !!! This year I was able to go to Toronto with my middle son and watch the World Cup of hockey it was a awesome experience which I was so happy to share with my son I just wish my other two boys and wife could of been there also. My doctors at Sloan always tell me I should be on a stage doing comedy but I’m a local 3 electrician I don’t know anything about comedy . Sorry for writing so much on your blog I just want to help people. I volunteer whenever I can I had a great support team so I try to pay it forward . Keep fighting the fight !!!!

    1. Great to hear from you. Yes, this is very difficult to go through considering there isn’t many people who actually understand or have the cancer. I tried to connect on FB on the nasopharyngeal website. But during the process it is so hard because everyone’s case is so different. I am curious to hear what doctors you had at Sloane. Great experience for me so far with the medical staff, but rough treatment to go through. I would love to hear more about SPOHNC. Hope you had fun at the World Cup. Always special to watch events like that. Hope all is well! <3

      1. Hi Nicholle?My name is Julia I am a friend of Dr Mostaghaci I just came across your blog and wanted to tell you how happy I am that you are doing well. I too had nasopharyngeal cancer at age 35 I am now 40. I have been cancer free for 5 years now and still going strong! The thing with this type is the treatment is horrible but it is curable. Keep strong and know that this will soon be over! I found the worst part to be the excess mucus that never goes away but it does eventually hang in there and you will be able to eat again!! When I was diagnosed I had my daughter who was just 18 months she is 7 now and after all my treatment I actually had a miracle baby in 2014! There is a rainbow at the end of this! Hang in there if you need to talk or ask any questions feel free to contact me?

      2. Hi Nicole I’m Anthony’s wife Sandra. He used Sloan Drs out of Westchester NY. His radiation oncologist was Boris Mueller and for Chemo was Smith-Marrone who were your Drs? They were wonderful unfortunately our Chemo Dr left so we have a new one. Hope your feeling good

      3. So sorry didn’t see this until my wife told me . SPOHNC is a origination that gives support to people with head,neck & oral cancers. I first contacted them in 2015 after my treatments and spoke with Chris Leonardis and told him i would like to be a mentor for this program because our cancer is so rare he told me i would have to be out of treatment a year so i waited the year and recontacted him filled out the application and now I’m just waiting for him to match me with someone . Their website is . chris ‘s email is .I’m not on Facebook only twitter and instgram .World Cup was a blast !!!! .My whole family are big hockey fans ! I’m more of a baseball guy but my 3 sons love the NY Rangers . Stay Strong ,Live ,Love Laugh !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Your coming home. How wonderful. The kids will be so happy. Craig can get back to the net where he’s needed!!! Congrats. This year will be a great year for you. I can feel it

  12. Normalcy is underrate! For me it was one of the best things about finishing treatment. I am SO happy that you are coming back to Canada abd that you are getting through this unexpected journey, one day at a time!

  13. Hi Nicholle,
    Today is January 19 (or Marc Methot day) and this means you have had your last radiation treatment. I am so happy about the good news. And I am very glad that you are coming home to Ottawa. You are such a brave, courageous and unselfish lady, it is amazing. All these help you to have a positive attitude and to beat that terrible disease. You are an inspiration.

  14. God bless you and your family, I am so happy that you are doing so much better and on the road to a full recovery. Welcome back to Ottawa – I am so happy that the team and sometimes fickle Ottawa fans have showed full support in your battle, myself included. I am a 2 time cancer survivor, still kicking around almost 20 years later. When things like this happen, they certainly put things in perspective and hockey, even when it is a way of making a good living, is nothing more than a game…family and true friends matter. Your story is inspirational and you and Craig seem like a wonderful team. Thanks for your support of the team and Craig during the early days of your battle – you are a truly selfless person and deserve the good news that is now in your life. Again, God bless and all the best.

  15. God bless you and your entire family. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when we say we hope to see a post in the future that you are 100% cancer free. Continue to fight the good fight, you’re a strong woman.

  16. Just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and that I continue to send positive vibes your way. Stay strong through this and keep up with that amazing attitude and outlook on life. You’ve inspired me and so many others. I’m happy to hear that Craig may be getting back on the ice soon. For your family I’m sure that hockey is more than a game, it’s a way of life, an extended family. It’s who you are and it’s what makes you guys happy. I wish you normality as you get back to Canada and a chance to get your feet back on the ground. Cancer sucks (I would know!) But how you are getting through it is amazing. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs and helping us all appreciate what is really important in life. Best wishes to you.

  17. So happy to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel and you are coming back to Ottawa. My thoughts and prayers have been with you Nicholle and the whole family. It is all about family and living everyday to its fullest! Enjoy those beautiful kids.
    Mike’s cousin Lorraine!

  18. My thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family from the first day I heard the sad news.
    I wish you continued courage, strength, and a positive attitude. You are truly a star…keep smiling. XOXO

  19. Nic,

    Keep up the good fight. You’re gonna beat this! My niece is going through something similar with a tumor on her pituitary. She’s been fighting three years and she’s 18.

    You will both get through this. You go, girl!

  20. Continuing to send positive vibes and well wishes your way. You have the support and prayers of SO many people. I’m glad to hear that you are back in Ottawa and that Craig is playing again. Continue to be strong and you will get through this ?

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