Cancer Free

Cancer Free

When you hear the words CANCER FREE, you don’t know whether to jump with excitement or cry tears of joy.  Let me tell you, I will circle C all of the above!

I couldn’t have scripted or wrote a story like the one I lived.  When I posted the quote the other day on Instragram, “I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe in God’s plan”, I truly believe this is the way it was suppose to be written for me.

In April, my pet scan was schedule for May 24, 2017.  Who would of thought my husband would be playing in the Eastern Conference Finals Game 7, and I am getting news that could either be fantastic or back to the fight.  I was emotionally on overload.  How can I tell “the goalie” of all positions good or bad news? Mentally I didn’t want to throw him off his game, nor did I want him or his teammates to be affected in anyway.  They were living their childhood dreams and I wasn’t going to be the person to shatter their world.  I shared the news with close family members and Craig, but I wanted the results from the MRI before I could tell anyone.

On May 25, 2017, I went to the doctors to hear the results of the pet scan.  He informed the scans were clear, however, they saw activity on C1 and C2 (cervical spine).  He was confident it wasn’t cancer/tumor, and ordered a STAT MRI on Friday to confirm the findings.  The MRI showed it is a side effect to radiation in my soft tissue around the c-spine.

Now we are sending my scans and reports to Sloane Kettering to get a second opinion.  Nothing better than hearing CANCER FREE two times!  I will be continously monitored for the next couple of years with followed-up pet scans, ENT visits, and tests.  We pray this beast doesn’t return.

I truly believe hockey helped me through all of this with the playoff run.  I couldn’t have asked for a better year and memories.  My advice to everyone, everyday we are given, we are blessed. Don’t put off what you can do today!  Live life to the fullest because in a blink of an eye it can and will change.

A special thank you to everyone for all the support you have shown with my battle.  Words cannot express my gratitude.

Much Love <3




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  1. Yah Nic!! I knew you could do it!!! Way to stay strong and kick cancer to the curb!!! The Mcleod crew loves you and can’t wait to celebrate!!!!

  2. Wow!! Best news of the year! So happy for you! I wish you the very best, and pray that it never returns to you, nor anyone else. Thanks for sharing and for being such an inspiration Nicholle ❤️

  3. Wow. A fiction writer could not have created this hurdle for you and your family with much more drama. This is amazing news. Have a wonderful summer and let’s cheer on the Sens next season to the Stanley Cup. Warmest regards Nicholle.

  4. You truly are an inspiration, a testament of what strength is. Thank you for sharing your story and the incredible journey you have been on.

  5. Congrats Nicholle!

    One of the memories of the last year for me was going to the Oilers/Sens game when Craig first returned after your diagnosis.

    As an Oilers fan, I obviously didn’t like the result of the night, but as a human, I loved the effort he put forth despite your guys situation.

    The ovation he got for being first star, in an away arena, shows how great people can be.

    Good luck with the remainder of your story!

  6. Nicholle,
    Best news ever. We are so happy for you and your family – live life, love your family, be strong, so many people love you.

  7. Nicholle I prayed for you all these months. Yet I knew when watching game 7, that you were cancer free. God has a plan for us all. A path predestined. You were so inspiring with your blogs. And for Craig to stay focused during all those games – a true professional – I don’t know know how he did it. Perhaps to lift you up when you needed it. I thought about you every day. Thank you thank you dear Lord for curing my friend. Looking forward to seeing you in July. Much love from me and Keith.

  8. Such fantastic news!! So happy for you!! I am fighting this battle myself and desperately need a miracle. It seems like test after test reveals one devastating blow after another. Still believing for a miracle and restoration to a full healthy body.

  9. Wow ! What a year for your family ! From the diagnosis, to the fight, to the hockey success, we fought for you all the way !! We are SO happy to hear the ‘cancer free’ diagnosis !! You’re right about living life to the fullest ! Enjoy your 3 boys this summer ?

  10. Happy for you Nic as a 50 50 seller think your hubby missed your smile lots hope both of you have a great summer with the kids

  11. I am so happy and thankful you received such great news Nicholle! I have no idea how Craig could do such a great job guarding the Senators net with you going through all of this treatment! Your family deserves health and happiness and I wish you all the joy you can handle! I am elated for you and The SENS! ❤️

  12. I am in tears Nichole! I am SO happy for you and your family. You have been through so much this year am I am thrilled for you that it has paid off!!! There hasn’t been a day since I started following your blog that I haven’t thought about you and your family! This is meant to be and it truly does make you realize what is important in life. You have helped me through my cancer journey and I know you have helped countless others. Thank you so much for sharing your ups and downs with us. You are truly remarkably. I was so disappointed to see the Senators knocked out of the playoffs but I truly believe everything happens for a reason. It’s great that this playoff run was able to help you through your battle. Craig was simply exceptional on and off the ice. I wish you nothing but the best in the future and please know what an inspiration you are to many!!!! Enjoy your summer!!!!?

  13. Such great news?! You kicked it?! I go for another pet/ct in mid June. Got my good news in March & finished my chemo 2 weeks later. It’s a long journey when someone gets diagnosed, but if you have a great attitude and support system of family, friends, other patients to feed off of for info and inspiration, you have a good chance. And a great need staff, like I had. If it weren’t for the nurses my onc, and others to keep me posted and sane through it, I don’t know we’re I would be. Have a great summer with your boys! Hugs and kisses❣ Hope.

  14. Nik… you do not know me. My name is Chris. I live just outside of Boston. I am a HUGE Bruins fan. Once the Senators defeated the Bruins this year I was rooting for Craig & I was rooting for you. What great news to hear you are cancer free. I wish you a long healthy life and look forward to seeing Craig “standing on his head” again next year. Here is to you… and here is to HOCKEY!!!

  15. Yay, Nicholle!! Yay, Craig and those sweet little boys and all of both your families! I am so sorry for all that your family has been through, and will continue to go through, but wow!, this is great! Heal, love, and live. xxxxxooooo

  16. Praise the Lord!! We have been praying for you and your family through all of this, and at St. John’s UCC in Nazareth. We marveled each time we watched the Sens play how focused Craig was…amazing! Peace and love to you and your family, take care and enjoy! Oh, and tell your Mom I said Hi!! Such great news….

  17. So happy for you Nicholle. You and your family have been in our thoughts & prayers all along. I wear Craig’s name & number on the SENS jersey proudly. What a run the boys had and gave us. Enjoy your summer with the family. See you back in Ottawa come September.

    An old time hockey fan.


  18. OMG, what fantastic news, so happy for you and your family, hope you, Craig and the boys enjoy your summer, looking forward to hearing from you next season.

  19. All due respect to Stanley Cup winners, but this blows it away. Cancer Free. Absolutely amazing. All the best!

  20. You don’t know me, I am a Penguins fan from Pgh. So happy to hear your good news. You husband was outstanding in goal against us but you beating cancer is so very awesome. God is good. Good things happen to good people!

  21. Praise God!!! So happy to hear that awesome news. ??
    This is my life verse and I thought it was appropriate to share with you.
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬
    So happy for Your great news Nik and for Craig, your babies, family & all those who love you. ❤️

  22. May God continue to give you courage and faith. I know how scary thatC word is. You’ve shown such strength and I’ve got nothing but admiration for you and your husband. Keep enjoying each day as it comes cause really it’s all we’ve got

  23. This is great news! Sad to see the Sens out of the finals. I was at a few of those games in Ottawa and 6 was the best! I believe everything happens for a reason…double OT lost game 7, but now Anderson is home with you! That’s what matters.

  24. Thank you God for answered prayer. Thank you for strong, loving, woman like Nik who show us what true character, courage and commitment look like! Best news!!! God continue to surround and protect Nik and her entire family. ????

  25. I am so happy to hear the good news!!! Your right, no one is promised tomorrow so live life to the fullest. The support and love ❤️ you had from you husband, Craig, your family and your hockey family was incredible and definitely an emotional help at a time like this!!! You are a strong women, and I will follow your story!!!! ❤️??

  26. Absolutely fantastic news. Enjoy your summer with Craig and the kids. See you back here in Ottawa in September.

  27. That’s so awesome from one nasopharyngeal survivor to another it truly is a amazing thing when the doctor speaks those two great words cancer free , it does leave you in shock for a second but then it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted . God does have plans for each and everyone of us , it isn’t always what we would want or expect. I learned to appreciate the things I would take for granted before I was diagnosed now every day I look for the good no matter what because everyday above ground is a great day !!!! It is a long journey from when your first diagnosed to when you hear the words cancer free !!!!! I looked at it like a marathon not a sprint when I fought .
    Hockey is such a amazing sport n I’m so happy for you Craig and your boys !!!!!
    I still have Zucc ready for Craig since he helped knock my rangers out of the playoffs!!!!

  28. Alleluia! Nicole, Craig & Family. We all prayed for you through your cancer journey. I hope you have continued success the rest of the way. As a person who lost all her parents, grand parents, aunts & uncles and friends to this “beast”, I knew that your team of fans would always support you. God bless you, Nicole.

  29. Just got back from my honeymoon and this is the best news to come home to! I am over the moon happy for you and your amazing family! Much love and live life ABUNDANTLY! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Awesome news! Your positive attitude throughout has been a true inspiration. All the best to the entire Anderson family. Enjoy the summer!

  31. Sheer JOY! That’s what I felt when I read the headlines. You have faced this demon with such strength and determination – even when yours was depleated, you had reserve from your supportive husband & family. I’m so very proud of you, Nicholle! And so happy to learn you can move on. You will be ably to take your already optimistic character and enhance it with a new angle and appreciation for life! Enjoy ?

  32. HI Nik ?
    First thing I saw today was this wonderful news! I’m crying get tears of happiness for you and Craig/family! God is wonderful and does work miracles! God bless and have a wonderful Summer!
    Love from my husband and me to you and yours,
    TerKat ???

  33. I’m male and older than you (prob by 20 years) so I’ve had more time/reflection in my life to consider the wisdom of something I read in a book -written by a woman- several years ago. She put her ‘life changing’ moment, which happened during recovery from a usually devastating illness, into eloquent and practical words: “Only what I think, can happen to me.” Venice Bloodworth, was her name. Anyway, the gist of her [book] was that “y0u” are an integral component of what happens to “you” [next]. “You” are not the ONLY factor, but you’re a BIG part of it -and- from my POV as a hockey fan (in eastern Ontario) “you” appear to have the universe/life-force. on your side. No guarantees, of course, but I personally believe things are “looking good” for you. Accordingly, I compliment you this way: “Good for you” regarding your public commentary. “Job well done.” If I’d had a daughter -I wasn’t lucky enough to- then I would have wanted her to be a lot like YOU.

    1. PS: the above [comment from me, “Bob”] is genuinely felt/sent. Nothing less, nothing more. I know that text messages are always open to misinterpretation – after all, at a technical level they are nothing but black text on a white background – but I am generally very articulate when speaking or writing, and hopefully you [Nicholle, if you read this] will be able to perceive my honesty. I have sons, no daughters. No regrets. But I like to think that if I did have a girl, then the example you have set (honesty, courage, openness, optimism, intelligence) in the past year or so would be everything and MORE than I could ever hope for from my own child. As Don would say, “God luv ya.”

  34. When I heard you were “Cancer Free”, my eyes filled with tears…..knowing many of our prayers were answered for you, Craig and your family… have been through a lot Nicholle with all your treatments and I believe God was watching over you. I cant begin to tell you how Proud my whole family and many others are of you and Craig, and especially of you for your great courage during your difficult journey. I admire Craig for always being there for you….we all love both of you and your wonderful family….you are a very Special Lady which many Cancer patients plus us Cancer Survivors admired your strength as you faced each day. When I learned of your Cancer, I immediately made you one of our special afhgans/blankets for Cancer Patients. A lot of love went into yure Lavender and White afghan/blanket, with your name in white letters plus Senators Crest with husband Andy’s #41. My Son and I delivered your afghan along with two other Senator afghans for Brian Murray and Stuntman Stu as Cancer patients in gift bags to the Senators office Wednesday, April 11th. I had included my name, address and phone number plus email address for each one. I asked Nathalie, gal at the desk, to please let me know when each of you receivde your gifts. These afghans were donated to three of you on behalf of our Ottawa 2000 Council 1047 and I am the President. All our members hope you, Brian and Stu received your gifts as they were especially made for each of you as we wanted to let you know how very proud we are of each of you with your courageous battles with this dreadful disease of Cancer. We have been reading your articles in the Ottawa Sun by Bruce with great interest – thanks to you and Craig for doing this. We think of you often….will keep you, Craig and your family in our daily prayers…..take care Nicholle
    God Bless..

    1. Thank you so much of reaching out to us. He brought home the afghan and we didn’t know who it was from. Thank you so much for making that for me. It was so thoughtful and a forever memory. Thank you again for all the prayers. God is good for sure! <3

  35. I can’t see any oncologist saying that a person is cancer free. I can see an oncologist saying after treatment that there is no detectable cancer at this point, meaning that the medical community, doesn’t have the technology at this point in time to further detect stray, random, or dormant cells remaining.
    I have seen people take that later information and declare themselves cancer free.
    I really do hope that you are cancer free for the sake of yourself, your kids, husband, and family. I certainly know what a bastard/ bitch cancer can be, and have viewed it from the similar viewpoint your husband has had to endure.
    I wish you nothing but the best in the future.

  36. Just chiming in again to say that you and your family are still in my daily thoughts. I am so happy for you and your family and I hope you are feeling a little better every day. Congrats to Craig for winning the Masterton trophy, it could not have gone to a more deserving person. You are a beautiful couple and Craig’s acceptance speech touched my heart. All the best to you as you move forward!

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