Summary of Round 2 – Florida

Summary of Round 2 – Florida

After finishing round one in New Jersey, Craig and I both made the decision to complete the rest of my treatment in Florida.  As much as I miss the excitement of playoffs, I am blessed to be surrounded by my family and friends with multiple daily FaceTimes with my husband.

The goal of the second round was to have an additional three chemotherapies consisting of Carboplatin and 5FU.  During this round, I was hospitalized from Thursday through Monday with my dear grandmother by my side 24 hours a day.  Carboplatin was administered in four hours, and 5FU took 24 hours a bag.  I needed four of them.

The first treatment of the second round went easier than the treatment in New Jersey.  Some side effects included: loss of appetite resulting in more weigh loss, mouth sores, and severe headaches.  At first, my uncle had to take me to the ER for IV’s fluids and medication for headaches.  Then we did three days of IV fluids to get me back on my feet again.  It took a good week to recover and be able to eat again.

Then another big scare came our way.  During treatment, I noticed this uncomfortable pain on the top of my right breast.  I decided to get a mammogram done to make sure it was not anything serious.  They found a tiny benign cyst.  They advised me to come back in six month that it was nothing.  The diagnosis did not sit right with me and I asked for a biopsy.  The biopsy confirmed their reading as a benign cyst.  The reason I wanted to express this concern is I want everyone to be their own advocate and take the proper steps to guarantee your safety.

After waiting the 28 days, the second treatment began.  It was the same procedure as the first treatment, however, the 5FU was stopped five hours early due to my white blood cells dropping dramatically.  Besides all the side effects and hydration visits, I was set up for five Neupogen shots.  Neupogen is a bone marrow stimulant.  It can help the body create white blood cells after chemotherapy.  A blood test confirmed my levels were rising.

Last week, I met with my oncologist to discuss the final round.  A blood test confirmed my levels are too low to receive anymore chemotherapy.  Statistics show 2/3 of patients can’t finish this brutal treatment. Any additional chemotherapy after the first initial round is said to be insurance to make sure you are washing the cancer out of your body. I am blessed I was able to do two of them.  My mind would love to do the third one, but my body says no.

Now, the pet scan is schedule for the end of May.  I keep praying it comes back cancer free.


First Round – 33 Radiations/3 Cisplatins (Completed)

Second Round – 2 Carboplatins/2 5FU’s (Completed)




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  1. I sincerely wish that the next big test at the end of May , is the last one for this battle. You continue to inspire and inform. Nothing but the best Nicholle.

  2. Hi Nicholle, God bless you and your family. My kids and I pray for you in our prayers. Stay strong.

  3. Don’t give up hope just put your faith in Jesus and God if you want it that much you got to believe. There might be times when things don’t go your way but that’s okay just climb up the mountian not go through it. Good luck you are in my prayers

    1. My faith is in God. I know he has a plan for me. I talk to him everyday. Thank you for the prayers!

      1. oh child of God… Lord, please let the life of this blessed family be as special as each day that we can praise You! Your mercies give joy to those that believe in Your care..your faith and strength dear Andersons are blessed…great efforts realize great results…our spirit unites us today and always forever more…may you know His healing grace

  4. You are a true Warrior in every sense of the word! I think of you often and pray for you to keep that positive,sassiness up front!!!! Stay strong and know you have a large group of us cheering you on from afar!!! We are also Sens fans of as late!!!!! Flyers fan but now a Sens fan!! Go Team Anderson??

  5. Wow – it’s been another grueling round – but you made it through. What a fighter – very inspired by your grit and determination. Sending encouragement and prayers your way special lady! Soon this be a chapter in a closed book of victory!!!

  6. You are an amazing, strong women and an inspiration to all!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, that the pet scan is clean. ❤️

  7. Wow! Your courage and strength is amazing and inspiring. I continue to be in awe of how you keep your spirits high and just keep going and going. Nicholle, I loved you for your motivation, your fortitude, and ability to be so creative in the educational field. But to fight this monster called cancer like you have been doing, takes a warrior woman and that is what you are, my dear. You are a warrior!!!!!! Fight on and continue to beat this thing. I used to see you as this adorable petite little gal with a giant smile, but now I picture you as a super hero with a sword battling this demon disease and killing all those cancer cells with every treatment. You are my hero! You don’t need a cape and a sword because you’ve got feisty deep down in your soul!!! Love you dear Nic. xoxo

  8. Keep winning rock star!!! Your strength and beauty inside and out are BIGGER than “c”. Xoxo

  9. Nichole I’m happy your feeling better and yes you are correct in saying that most don’t finish the second round . I was fortunate because I was enrolled in the clinical trial that after the 33 radiation and 6 Cisplatin the computer said my tethers levels came down so I didn’t need the same second round you received. You are a very strong woman !!! You have helped me heal and knowing I have done a little for you was a big help also . April marked 2 years cancer free !!! You know me and my family will be praying for you when you go for your pet scan . I was so lucky to have my wife as my advocate it’s very important to have one or take control yourself if you could . Sometimes the doctors forget we are people . I hope I have given you hope that you too can beat this terrible disease , positive thoughts are key even on your worse day look for something positive!! It helped me so much that the doctors and nurses didn’t believe I was getting g treated because I swore to my wife and my sons I would never give up fighting and you will never hear me say I can’t . Life is worth the battle !!!! You ARE STRONG!!!!

  10. You are a trooper for having gotten through this treatment and I’m certain it will all pay off at the end of the month!!!
    You are such an educator too and full of good advice. Like being your own health advocate.
    Similar to you I had a tiny lump in my breast. A few weeks earlier I had a clean mammogram and ultrasound so doctor assured me it was nothing. I went back a week later because I just had a gut feeling it was something more. Again she told me I was fine. I finally went to a walk in clinic and was diagnosed with breast cancer after a biopsy. Follow your gut and and take charge of your health. I’m so happy yours was a benign cyst. They are so common and most women I know including myself have them.
    Thank you again for letting us in on your journey through this. You continue to inspire and educate and your attitude is infectious.
    Stay strong and I am so happy that you were able to complete this much treatment.
    I continue to cheer for your senators as a show of support for you and Craig but I find myself becoming a devoted fan?

  11. As always, thoughts with you to keep moving forward. Proud of you. Keep your smile and look forward to the day when it’s all behind you so you and your family can continue to enjoy laughter and love. Stay strong!

  12. Nik, thank you for sharing this part of your journey. I am learning a lot from you.

    There are so many great comments here I don’t want to repeat them. I think Trina’s best reflects what I want to say. Keep up your great fight and I agree 100% with you being your own health advocate. It will pay off! !!!


  13. Prayers on your behalf – nothing is impossible for you – to the contrary, all things are possible with Him. Continue to do your part and fight your fight like you can! Lean hard when times are tough, you’ll get the strength to sustain. It’s promised, it’s real.

    One step, one hour, one day at a time…hold fast to your faith and fight your fight.

  14. My prayers and heart are with you! You are an inspiration. I am a huge hockey fan ( Pittsburgh Penguins) ?, -and everytime I see your husband playing, I remember to say prayers for you. It puts life back in perspective. God is holding you in his right hand. You are loved!

  15. don t worry abou t the cyst in ur breast my mom had one also and it was nothin gt the surgeon had to take hers out though.. she is doing fine it was not cancer but we were scared also..thank god

  16. You are a strong woman and one of the smartest people I have ever met! You haven’t changed your positive outlook on life and thats something I’ve always respected from you. Hang in there! I sometimes wear my heart on my shoulders and it is tough knowing that you are dealing with this! With that being said, I know you are a tough girl. So please keep on fighting because my thoughts and prayers are constantly with you as you are battling this! Big hugs to you and your family!?

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