Second Round


The first round has started this past week.  I met with an oncologist, and wouldn’t you guess he is from Montreal.  I find it ironic how I am so related to Canada all the time.

Before starting the treatment, I was sent for an audiogram to determine if I could still be given Cisplatin.  The results have shown that the Cisplatin has shown hearing loss & ringing in my ears, therefore, my new treatment will be Carboplatin and 5FU.

March 2, 2017 I was admitted in the hospital for the first infusion.  First, I was given Carboplatin and then proceeded with 5FU. The 5FU will be distributed by 4 bags every 24 hours.  I should be discharged by Tuesday.  I have been counting down the hours.

Today was a tad emotional, I washed my hair and little clumps of hair began to fall out.  Carboplatin is know for hair loss.  I am not too sure if it will be a little or I will have to shave it.  At first, I was in tears today.  I had to weigh out the pros and cons.  Cisplatin would leave me deaf, whereas, Cisplatin causes hair loss which would be temporary.

I decided to make a Bitmoji with a hat on today to prepare myself for the worse.  I guess I can still look into wigs too, if it gets that bad.






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  1. Another informative update on your battle and medicines. Don’t get too discouraged from the hair loss Nicholle, like you said, it’s temporary. When you think about it, the hair loss tells a story, spreads awareness and tells others “I’m fighting the battle and these side affects are the just the bumps along the way” – to me, it shows strength, courage and what a fighter one truly is.

    Keep up your fight Nicholle and thank you for allowing us, the public, to be apart of it.

    Fight on!! God bless.

    – The Fox Family.

  2. 5FU…sounds almost right…FU cancer! I tell Nathan all the time bald is beautiful…you’re no exception to this! You’re beautiful always!
    ? xoxo

  3. Stay strong Nicholle, you’re doing so well and all this is temporary. And on the plus side, whatever happens you’ll always have more hair than Craig 😉

  4. My Dear Nicholle: I understand the trauma of loosing your hair. If I may be so bold as to suggest that you need all your focus and energy to win this battle…embrace your hair lose as a necessary step to victory…shave it to the skull…I have shaved for cancer 5 times and raised a bunch of money as well….the breeze on your skull is refreshing and no hair is so low maintenance….wear your battle scar with pride and vengeance….every time you look in the mirror…see a strong powerful woman who tells cancer to go fuck itself and that you arent going anywhere…except for everyplace you normally go when life is normal….power and strength to you and your family….

  5. Stay strong. Sending you hopeful and positive thoughts. And lots of love. This Leaf fan is behind you all the way!

  6. I am sure you will be beautiful! Luv Ya! Your are an inspiration with such a positive attitude and outlook!

  7. Thanks for sharing your story. Wow what you have been through already and still showing your true colours of courage and perseverance is astounding. While I don’t know you personally I have been following along your posts . As a man I can understand a women having concerns about loosing her hair, but if I can share this your true beauty isn’t on top of your head it’s inside and in your heart. And we all see loud and clear. And if you do loose all your hair heck you’ll still be way cuter then Craig… isn’t he partially bald… hope my attempt at humour brightens your day. Thoughts, prayers and a hug for you.

  8. I agree with Sara. You are beautiful and it doesn’t matter if you have a full head of hair. You shine with a great personality that nobody really will notice that. Hopefully that will be all that falls out and in the long run it will all grow back. Positive thoughts and prayers being sent your way.

  9. Hair or no are a beautiful woman. Mommy,wife,daughter,sister and friend.. stay strong and kick ass girl…

  10. When my mom started to loose her hair, which was well past her waist, she had my brother shave it for her. She had planned to have a wig made for her with her own hair. Eventually, she decided not to and just embraced the freedom of bald. She said it was so much cooler not to wear anything on her head.

    When my dad had chemo, he only lost the dark hair. None of his grey hair fell out. He’d wished it had worked the other way around.

    You’ll get through this with flying colors! No matter what, you are an amazing and beautiful woman.

  11. Nichole tour beautiful weather you have hair or not it’s what’s on the inside. That counts. I’m praying for your speedy recovery !!!!!!!!!

    1. Chin up. Hair grows back. I lost mine to chemo treatment for awhile a few years ago…its not a bad idea to wear a wig when you go out but at home a scarf or soft cap is more comfortable.

      The worst thing about having no hair is that your head can get cold.

      But consider your hubby. He has to go around with a cold head all the time and its never growing back.

  12. We’re cheering you on from the sidelines, here in Marco Island. We’re Sens fans from Kanata…wintering in the south; constantly amazed by your courage and willingness to share your journey.

  13. You are beautiful Nicholle. I too lost my hair fr Chemotherapy and it literrally came out like you said. Then we just shaved it all off one nite in the garage.!! I felt like Demi Moore in G I Jane. Then I bought a wig from the Bay and didn’t realize how I looked like an extra on Carol Burnett. Looking back … so. Ugly. After six months my hair grew back thick and curly and my friends called me Isabella Rossalino! (Don’t know if you saw the Friends episode with Ross. Lol). Anyway your story is soooo inspiring and keep up the strong strong attitude. You will get through!!

  14. Dear Nicholle,

    You have been so strong through this entire ordeal. I’ve never had to deal with a severe illness myself, but I have experienced a family member who had a serious disease and I understand the struggle of watching someone you love and care about going through difficult treatment. I just want to say that I think you’re beautiful. And I don’t mean only superficially. Looks aren’t everything (although you are very pretty) and I find your strong, caring personality a much more important trait to celebrate. When you feel down because of the effects of the medication, I want you to know that all your supporters still see your beauty shining. I hope my message can bring even a sliver of light to your situation. Best wishes, Hannah.

  15. 5FU? There aren’t enough FU’s in this world to say to cancer! (a little funny to brighten your day?).

    If you lose your hair, you can still tease Craig that he lost his first 🙂

    You are an inspiration to all of us and you will beat this!

  16. Nicholle, you are so strong and amaze me with your strength. Your beauty shines from the inside out. Love you and sending prayers always!❌⭕??

  17. You are doing so much for so many even while you are losing your hair. That shows strength and beauty. Keep on keeping on.

  18. I love your Bitmoji… so cute, looks like you… That contagious smile is what we see first ?
    Hat or wig, you will rock it ! Keep on fighting that fight… Love from Canada ??

  19. Stay strong! You got this! I unfortunately lost my hair due to radiation. I was very emotional at first. I never thought I would leave the house without a wig!! The hair loss is a symbol of the strength we have to fight this stupid disease!!!
    Keep on fighting

  20. Good luck Nicholle!! Like everyone else has said you’re a true warrior and hair or no hair you are beautiful to all of us!

  21. I love your bitmogi too. She is beautiful and so are you! Although we all know that hair is cosmetic, it is still emotional when we are faced with possibly loosing it. But life is about so much more as you already know. Do what you have to do to be healthy now and worry about everything else later. You radiate beauty inside and out and that won’t change.
    As I prepare for my follow up breast scans next week I find myself drawing strength from you. I think about all that you’ve been through and how strong and positive you’ve been throughout. I hope you know how much you have helped myself and others through your blog. Anyone facing a life obstacle could learn a lot from you. Thanks for sharing and I wish you nothing but the best as you continue your treatment?

  22. Nicholle, Stay strong. You are always beautiful and an inspiration for all of us. We know that you can do it!! My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Mike’s cousin

  23. I can tell you the hair loss is temporary. I have been through the Carboplatin and Taxol treatments and did lose my hair and yes, it was upsetting. I made the decision to shave my head, I guess it was to control the situation and not let it control me. My treatments are finished and I am in remission and MY HAIR IS BACK JUST THE SAME AS IT WAS BEFORE I LOST IT. Stay strong, keep fighting and keep your end goal in your sights.

  24. Every part of this journey is hard, isn’t it? We like you connected to Canada as we have adopted you and Craig and your babies. I’m sorry you had to chose between your hearing and your hair. Hair seems to define us so deeply, and you obviously have gorgeous hair. I like your courage to rock a hat-headed emoji. Obviously, hats will be something that you can wear to keep your head warm; my aunt wore the most beautiful head scarves when she had cancer. You are strong and you are brave but it’s so totally okay to mourn everything that you have to give up in this battle, as you know. Thinking of you, your family, your kindness (evident in all you say on Twitter) and your strength, and praying for you. ?

  25. Yes losing your hair can be upsetting. I know I lost mine last year after chemo treatments. Got it shaved before it started to fall, got a wig and some colorful hats which helped with the emotional turmoil. I am now coming to the end of my 18 treatments, my hair has grown back. I wish you the best with your treatments. Its one day at a time
    You are strong and you have a big fan club behind you. You will beat this.

  26. Hi Nicholle I hope your feeling well , I had six rounds of Cisplatin I do have ringing in my ear n some hearing loss but I was also in construction for 27 years so they say the ringing is from being exposed to loud noises . Nancy Lee also sat with my radiologist to design my radiation treatments. Are you part of the nasopharyngeal clinical trial ? I was supposed to get the same Chemos your on now but they decided that I didn’t need anymore chemo n every time I go to the doctors or get a test done I’m always nervous that something new will show up because I didn’t get the second rounds of Chemo . I recently got started with the Visible Ink program from Memorial Sloan it’s helping me release my stress and anxiety. They are having their yearly performances on April 3rd I was wondering if your going to attend ? I’m not sure if my wife and I are going to go . Our cancer is rare , I was exposed to the 9/11 toxins and the doctor who first diagnosed me with my cancer called me last week to tell me he just diagnosed another guy and he to was exposed to the 9/11 toxins . But he couldn’t tell me anything else I told him he could give the guy all my info and tell the guy I would gladly speak to him to give him a little heads up as what to expect. I was recently asked to speak at a fund raiser by the oncology nurses from Orange Regional Hospital I’m so honored to do this because the best way to fight is to stay positive it’s not easy but anything worth fighting for is never easy !!! So Nicholle stay strong & if you need to talk bout nasopharyngeal feel free to contact me or my wife Sandra .

    1. Thank you for reaching out. I have two more chemos left. I am so glad to hear we actually used the same doctor. I love Dr. Nancy Lee. Her passion for NPC makes you feel you are in the right hands. I would love to contact you and pick your brain about this treatment. I can’t wait to hear cancer free, and speak at events too. Together we can make a difference!

  27. Our 18 year old son is about 16 months ahead of you in the process. He had the 3 doses of chemo plus 2 boosts during 34 radiation sessions. He’said been in remission for a year. We are rooting for you and following your journey.

  28. When I lost my hair(all of it!Bald is beautiful!?) It felt liberating. I was more upset losing my brows and lashes. They haven’t grown back like they were yet, very thin for both lashes and brows. I lost those with carboplantin and gemzar the 2nd Time around. Lost the hair after starting first A/C chemo 2 weeks after. Tried wigs in summer but hated them. They bothered my scalp. I liked scarfs and skull caps better. Make sure you wear sunscreen even on your scalp if you lose it all and on your face and neck. Good luck! Hugs and Kisses, Hope.

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